Opn launches an API-SDK service solution "Opn.Mint"


Jul 27, 2021

SYNQA’s subsidiary Opn launches an API・SDK service solution “Opn.Mint” Beta edition to empower companies to create and sell their own NFTs

Opn, a subsidiary of SYNQA(previous name; Omise Holdings Pte. Ltd.、Location:Singapore), has launched “Opn.Mint” a Non-Fungible Token (“NFTs”) marketplace integration solution.

With the development of the NFT market alongside projects such as CrytoKitties, NBA TOPSHOT gaining much traction, we have received many requests from our existing customers on developing solutions where NFTs can easily be integrated in their existing marketplace.

Despite the rise in popularity, NFT still has challenges. Tokenization, transactions can be complicated, and developing well designed marketplaces is not easy. NFT issuing and transactions can only take place on specific platforms, businesses not being able to utilize their own existing marketplace when selling digital assets tied to NFTs. Due to these challenges, it is still hard for companies to adapt or integrate NFTs into their businesses or create a cohesive brand experience when selling NFTs.

With the accumulated knowledge on API・SDK building and Blockchain technology Opn holds, we have launched a beta version of “Opn.Mint”, a solution where anyone can easily integrate NFTs into their existing businesses. By using Opn.Mint, any company can easily issue and sell NFT tied digital assets on their marketplace.


Opn.Mint’s solution

-Opn mint provides library, API, SDK in existing developing languages

-Able to implement NFTs existing businesses without any need of knowledge on blockchain technology

-Able to integrate NFTs with existing sites (ie. marketplace), using your own brand in your own website

-A Restful API platform that focuses on customer experience

-Flexible structure that corresponds to blockchain agnostic, multichain (* A structure that can be deployed to not only Ethererum but other blockchain platforms)

-Highly versatile platform which is not only capable of issuing NFTs but also capable of tokenizing supply chain information or financial asset products


Business use cases

-Selling NFT tied digital art or music on your own site or marketplace

-Tokenizing online gaming characters or items where people can purchase and sell digital assets

-Authenticating luxury brand items by issuing NFT tied with physical goods

-Tokenizing Real-estate or health insurance rights

Opn.Mint use case

How to try out “Opn.Mint”

Currently we are offering the Beta version of “Opn.Mint”. If you would like to try out our solution,we are accepting pre-orders from the link below. We are limiting the user numbers of the beta version so we can cater to each users’ needs and improve our solution.

Pre-order link: https://www.opn.ooo/mint

[About SYNQA]

SYNQA is a holding company founded in 2015 with expertise in Asia. SYNQA specializes in online payment, blockchain technology for fintech applications, and digital transformation. SYNQA connects people, businesses and society in innovative ways that spread the wealth of financial opportunity and provide fair and open access to a growing economic ecosystem. For more information on SYNQA, visit www.synqa.co or follow us on Twitter.

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[About Opn]

Opn is a subsidiary company of SYNQA, established in 2020. The company name “Opn” captures the essence of what we believe in and stand for; a finance that is open and accessible to everyone. We provide embedded fintech solutions where enterprises can easily integrate fintech solutions into their existing platforms.