Innovative technologies have the power to disrupt the way we understand and interact with one another and financial systems. But to overcome the many challenges that come with the adoption of novel technologies, you need a light to guide you.

To bring together the legacy financial systems of yesterday and the new technologies of today requires collaboration, synchronization, and a deep sense of quest. And this is what the SYNQA

brand represents; a team, companies and investments in motion towards a greater goal of an economic ecosystem in which people can thrive in harmony. It won’t be easy, but we can promise you we are do-ers and we are committed to our mission and vision. It’s only the beginning.


Although we are a financial technology company with roots in Asia, our reach is global. Through our years in the fintech industry, we have developed a growing network of people and partners equipped with experience, skills and knowledge to realize our vision and mission. Like our name, we are in constant movement and synchronization. With our profound understanding of fintech markets – especially in Asia, technologies, and people’s financial behaviors, we are the go-to partner for all fintech and innovation matters.

We connect people, businesses and society together to accelerate the transition into fintech and expand the accessibility to financial services and opportunities. SYNQA is the hand to assist you in the digital transformation and fintech paradigm shift. Let’s dream and work together. 


Our logo represents synergy and quest. The three sides of the signature letter “Y” expresses the meaning of the minimum unit of diversity, and our aspiration to create a new harmony and symbiosis in a borderless world where finance is frictionless and accessible. The “Y” also embodies the three key elements in this convergence of efforts; people, business and society.

Only SYNQA and its authorized/approved partners may use the SYNQA logo in advertising, promotional, and sales materials.

For more information on our brand, download the SYNQA Brand Guidelines.

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please contact press@synqa.co.