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When tech and finance keep crossing boundaries
Our Group CEO Jun wrote a piece about how tech allows companies to embed fintech solutions.
written by Jun on Oct 04, 20202 min read
Myths around e-wallets
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Deconstructing myths around e-wallets
Our answer to three common misconceptions around e-wallets.
written by Sonia li on Sep 15, 20204 min read
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When banks meet fintech: Interview with SCB 10 X’s CEO, Dr. Arak Sutivong, and SYNQA’s Group CEO, Jun Hasegawa
We interviewed Dr. Arak Sutivong, CEO of SCB 10X, and our Group CEO to discuss about the current trends in the banking industry and where we see the future of banks.
written by Sonia li on Aug 31, 202010 min read
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Stablecoin and CBDC: What about Asia?
In this piece, we explore the stablecoin and Central Bank Digital Currency landscape with a focus on Asia.
written by Sonia li on Aug 25, 20205 min read
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When mobility meets fintech: Interview with Toyota Financial Services’s Group CEO, Akihiro Fukutome, and SYNQA’s Group CEO, Jun Hasegawa
We interviewed the Group CEO of Toyota Financial Services Corporation and our Group CEO to discuss about the present state of fintech and mobility businesses.
written by Sonia li on Jul 21, 202010 min read
My experience in Japan: Excited to see the momentum towards the cashless transformation
Roy, VP of Strategic Planning, wrote a piece about his experience of living in Japan and how the country is shifting to a cashless society.
written by Roy on Jul 16, 20206 min read
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The democratization of finance
In this piece, we’ll explore two factors that are contributing to the democratization of finance; 1) the changing nature of banks by technology, from traditional banks to neobanks, and 2) the emergence of partnerships in fintech.
written by Sonia li on Jun 30, 20205 min read
Press Release
SYNQA, parent company of Omise and OMG Network, raises $80 Million in Series C funding led by SCB 10X and SPARX Group
SYNQA announced today it has raised $80 Million in Series C funding led by SCB 10X Co., Ltd. (SCB 10X) and SPARX Group Co., Ltd. (through its Mirai Creation Fund II). The round was joined by Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFS), Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC), SMBC Venture Capital (SMBCVC), Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Corporation (ADI) and other investors.
written by Sonia li on Jun 22, 20204 min read
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My fintech entrepreneurship journey: Has it been seven years?
Today is Omise anniversary and our Group CEO took the time to write a piece on his entrepreneurship journey. Already seven years and many more to come!
written by Jun on Jun 07, 20204 min read
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Digital transformation: A necessary change to survive
Digital transformation is about keeping up with times and creating value. In a fast-changing world, we believe it's the only way to survive.
written by Sonia li on May 26, 20204 min read
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