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My fintech entrepreneurship journey: Has it been seven years?
Today is Omise anniversary and our Group CEO took the time to write a piece on his entrepreneurship journey. Already seven years and many more to come!
written by Jun on Jun 07, 20204 min read
SYNQA: Connecting people, businesses and society
SYNQA: Connecting people, businesses and society
We’re proud to announce that we changed our company name and corporate identity from Omise Holdings to SYNQA to mirror our refocused purpose. Read our thoughts on how we’re building SYNQA’s ecosystem because more than ever, communities and ecosystems are key to resilience in a changing world.
written by Sonia li on May 01, 20204 min read
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The future of payments post-COVID-19: A shift to cashless
In times of social distancing, digital payments have become a key tool for people to maintain their daily's lives. Is the future of payments cashless?
written by Admin on Apr 10, 20204 min read
Omise Holdings response to COVID-19
Our Group CEO Jun took the time to share our response to COVID-19. In these difficult times, let's show our humanity and kindness to each other. Stay safe.
written by Jun on Mar 19, 20202 min read