Anti-Social Forces Policy

We, SYNQA Pte. Ltd. and its subsidiaries hereby declare the following principal policy against Anti-Social Forces.

1. We shall take actions against the Anti-Social Forces by the initiative of the management as an organization.

2. We shall ensure the safety of our officers and employees who deal with any unjust demands from Anti-Social Forces.

3. We shall endeavor to establish a close relationship with external specialists including police forces, the National Center for the Elimination of Anti-Social Forces, and lawyers, to defend ourselves from Anti-Social Forces.

4. We shall cut off any relationships with Anti-Social Forces including any business relations.

5. We will not respond to any unjust demands from Anti-Social Forces and shall pursue rigorously civil and criminal legal actions.

6. We will not provide any benefits or donate any funds to Anti-Social Forces which may lead to back-door dealings with or facilitate funding to Anti-Social Forces and those associated with them.

Effective Date 29 September 2020